Take More Self-Care for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

When pink starts appearing everywhere in October, it’s because National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is underway to keep this highly occurring cancer, and its need for a cure, in the national dialogue.

Awareness: Key to Detection

Breast cancer is one of the most commonly occurring cancers, with approximately roughly 1 in 8 women and 1 in 1000 men being diagnosed at least once in their lifetimes. Part of the awareness campaign held every October is the encouragement of health checks early and often for both genders, because when caught early, breast cancer becomes far more treatable, and survival much more likely.

Performing self-examinations is, of course, a crucial part of early prevention, but for many, the medical intimidation and fear of what we might find is a prohibitive factor. We recommend talking over the self-exam with a doctor you feel comfortable with, asking any and all questions and going through the exam with them so you have the most knowledge possible. Understanding how and when to perform a check of your own breasts, and what to do if you find a lump, can make a world of difference in your ability to fight breast cancer.

Self-Care: Necessary to Recovery in Every Way

Breast cancer treatment can be extremely hard on the body, with the treatment sometimes feeling worse than the disease. This is when self-care plays a critical part in healing and recovery—including health checks, healthful nutrition, and exercise. But what about restorative treatments? When energy is drained, immune defenses are low, and exhaustion comes easily, restorative treatments, especially ones for your appearance, can seem much less important and even frivolous, meant to be put off until energy is back up. However, we can’t disagree enough.

But What About Cosmetic Facial Treatments?

While we all know that restorative self-care heightens our sense of well-being and quality of life, research has indicated that cancer survivors need and want confidence in their appearance as much as (if not more than) those with no cancer history. And with both Botox and dermal fillers showing no adverse effects in post-chemotherapy patient studies, breast cancer survivors who are not current or recent chemotherapy patients can receive these treatments with peace of mind. The Medical Spa at Gene Juarez wants everyone to look and feel their best!

For cancer patients and survivors, any injection treatment should be cleared with your doctor. With our expert providers, Felicia Forrest, ARNP, and Jennifer Weese, RN/MSN, specializing in customized treatment plans, you can be fully confident that our Botox and dermal filler treatments will be in a plan that works with your exact, unique needs. Whether you’re a cancer survivor, a post-chemotherapy patient, or cancer-free and doing frequent health checks, you can still benefit from our treatments to look refreshed and feel like your best self.

Taking Care of Body, Mind, and Soul

Taking responsibility for your health—both internal and external—with awareness and self-care is a crucial part of living a healthy, happy, and empowered life. It doesn’t just make it easier to catch ailments early and recover from them quickly—it also gives a sense of confidence and security that comes from making your health a high priority. Make self-examinations a part of your routine, stay aware of any changes in your health and body, and prioritize your well-being and feeling your best with our expert care and treatments at the Medical Spa at Gene Juarez. Schedule an appointment or consultation today!

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