Your Brightest Face in 2019: A Few Easy Beauty Resolutions

Ready or not, 2019 is happening—and we are here for it. We want you to have your most empowered year yet, with a confidence that comes from looking and feeling your best. How? We’re glad you asked.

A new year always gives that fresh-start feeling and aura of new possibilities. When that feeling inevitably wears off, we have to stay focused on the results we want and work past all the temptations to let the goal slide away. Eyes on the prize, right?

Not only can the expert providers at The Medical Spa at Gene Juarez help you look refreshed and energized with our dermal fillers and Botox treatments, but they can also help you keep your beauty goals on track with a custom plan, just for you and what you need.

But that’s just one part of your beauty plan. You might remember that all of us at The Medical Spa at Gene Juarez are inspired by that natural hidden beauty of the geode, only seen when unveiled and shared with the world. Not only because feeling your best helps to bring out your confidence, but it’s also important for us to nurture both outer and inner beauty. Here’s what we suggest.

Building a good habit. It can take from 30-60 days to really create a new habit, because it means changing your impulses, and the body and brain don’t like change that much. So we have to work for it, but it’s always worth it! The best way to do this? Make it easy, and make it specific.

If a goal is practically part of your day already, you can build that in with very little effort: maybe it’s in your neighborhood, or it’s a product you already have, or it’s something you can do in 10 minutes. When a goal is specific, it helps your brain plan and know what to expect (“I’ll moisturize at night so my skin is ready to go in the morning”).

Whether it’s never skipping skincare before bed, adding a exfoliating treatment to your routine, or just drinking more water, the decision of how long, how much, and when makes it much more accessible and attainable. Also, never underestimate the power of a bribe: a favorite book, podcast, or TV show can be one way to pass the time while you wait for a face mask to dry!

Do something kind every day. It could be anything: doing something for a stranger, letting a driver ahead of you in traffic, or helping out a friend. Whatever the action, it’s all about giving. We glow a little more with the connection to others and by nurturing a giving spirit.

Set aside time for treating yourself. At The Medical Spa at Gene Juarez, we encourage all our patients to use their treatments as self-care. Erase lines and relax facial tension with Botox®, soften and lift with dermal fillers, or create a defined jawline with Kybella: this is your beauty enhancement just for you. So relax in our luxurious area, enjoy friendly chats with our team, and leave the world outside for a little while. You’ll not only walk out looking refreshed and energized, but you’ll feel rejuvenated from that gift of time for yourself.

Lastly, look good for YOU. Looking good isn’t just for parties: even if you’re just going to the pet store, feeling put together can give us more confidence about how we’re presenting ourselves to the world. When you put just a little effort into your appearance, you’re also giving yourself a subliminal message that you’re worth the time and care it takes.

Speaking of being worth time and care, our expert providers agree: your face is beautiful and deserves to look its best! Call 1.888.5.MEDSPA for a consultation and find out how they can help you reach your 2019 beauty goals (inside and out!).

Happy 2019 from all of us at The Medical Spa at Gene Juarez!

to schedule an appointment, call us toll free 24 hours a day at 425.341.0791

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